Pent Hall Week 2023, “UTOPIA” : A Closer Look at the Program Lineup for the 3-day Event

pent hall week
Game night in the previous edition of the pent hall week

The University of Ghana’s Pent Hall Week celebration, dubbed “Utopia,” is scheduled for May 25th to May 27th, 2023, right after the UGSRC 65th week celebration on Saturday, May 20th. Following the cancellation of events on university campuses due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event promises to be an exciting and fun-filled experience for both students, fresh and continuing, and faculty members. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Pent Hall Week program lineup.


Thursday, May 25th: AFROCARNIVAL, Art Exhibition, and More!

The first day of the Pent Hall Week celebration begins with an AFROCARNIVAL, where attendees may enjoy traditional African music and dance performances. There will also be an Art Exhibition where students can display their artistic abilities.

pent hall week program line up
Program line up

The day continues with a MACHO THURSDAY, which includes a weightlifting competition. Later in the day, at 5 p.m., Cowbell Coffee’s Dream & Vibes experience will provide a relaxed space for participants to enjoy some coffee and wonderful music. The day concludes with GAME NIGHT, which includes FIFA Night, Just Dance, VR, and other interesting activities.



Friday, May 26th: Health Screening, Sports Day, and Karaoke Night

On the second day of the event, attendees can take advantage of free Health Screening services such as Sugart Sverpening and Genotype testing. The day then continues with a Sports Day, which includes soccer, basketball, and paintball tournaments. To round out the evening, there will be a Karaoke Night where attendees can display their vocal abilities.


Saturday, May 27th: Aerobics, Brunch Party, and Amapiano & Afrobeat Night

The final day of the Pent Hall Week celebration begins with an Aerobics class and a Donation drive to benefit the community. Later, participants can enjoy a Brunch Party complete with a Carwash service.

Pent hall week
Car wash activity in the previous edition of pent hall week

The celebration finishes with an Amapiano & Afrobeat Night, where participants may dance to their favorite Afrobeat tunes and have a great time.

Finally, this year’s Pent Hall Week celebration promises to be a fun and exciting event for everyone, especially students who are yet to witness the event for the first time. Attendees are likely to have a good time with a wide program schedule that includes art exhibitions, sporting activities, and music performances.

After a hiatus from large programs on the university campus due to COVID-19, this celebration is the ideal occasion for students who are yet to experience musical events at Pent and also, faculty members to join together and make lasting memories.

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