Pent JCR President Targeted by Unidentified Assailants, Faces Threats to Abandon Upcoming Elections, Suffers Head Injuries

The current outgoing JCR President of Pent Hall at Legon, John Fiifi Amaoh, was subjected to an assault by unidentified attackers, believed to be linked to the impending Pent JCR elections.

Allegedly, he was warned of potential harm unless he agreed to endorse their preferred candidates for leadership roles, thus candidates likely to succeed him.

A group of opposing candidates and their supporters have accused John Fiifi Amoah, who currently holds the presidency, of involving himself in the forthcoming JCR elections.

Despite his role as president, he is obligated to ensure the necessary procedures are followed to ensure the elections proceed without disruptions.

Based on the circulating video, first posted by Sell the Bomb on Snapchat, it is reported that President Fiifi sustained head injuries as a result of the purported assault on him.


What has caused the delay in the Pent JCR presidential elections?

The elections have been delayed due to certain undisclosed irregularities that the Pent JCR electoral commissioners were engaged in. These actions prompted the University of Ghana’s Dean of Students to advocate for the removal of the Electoral commissioners.

Several candidates faced disqualification, with some having inadequate GPAs, others being disqualified for selling their allocated beds, and a few more for not being registered members of the Pent Hostel.

When will the JCR election take place?

The scheduled date for the PENT JCR election is the 16th of August. However, recent developments, notably the reported attack on the outgoing president, John Fiifi Amoah, could potentially lead to adjustments in the timeline for appointments.

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John Fiifi Amoah is a person of high integrity, and the alleged assault on him is deeply unsettling. His involvement in the elections stemmed from his position as the hall’s president, a leader genuinely concerned about the welfare of his hall’s residents.

John Fiifi Amoah has made substantial contributions, such as enhancing Wi-Fi connections, ensuring students’ enjoyment throughout the semester, and advocating for four impressive musical concerts, among other developments, at the Pent Hostel of the University of Ghana. He is a commendable individual, and appropriate actions must be taken against the alleged assailants.

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