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Projected Raptors Roster if Pascal Siakam gets traded to the Atlanta Hawks

Raptors fans are grappling with ongoing Pascal Siakam trade rumors, while the Atlanta Hawks have been circling around the possibility of acquiring Siakam. However, currently, it seems that both teams are stuck in a deadlock in their negotiations.

The Atlanta Hawks offered Toronto a deal consisting of De’Andre Hunter, AJ Griffin (the 16th pick in the 2022 draft), and additional draft assets in exchange for Pascal Siakam. Siakam, whose contract is expiring soon, seems uncertain about committing to an extension following a trade.

The Raptors might consider restarting discussions with Atlanta, expecting them to add more draft picks or include young point guard Kobe Bufkin in the trade talks. If the Raptors manage to make this trade, they could transition from their successful era and remain competitive in 2023 and beyond.

While it might require additional draft picks from the Hawks, the potential could be valuable, especially if Scottie Barnes continues to develop.

If Pascal Siakam is traded to the Hawks, the Toronto Raptors’ rotation could look like this:

– Point Guards: Scottie Barnes, Dennis Schroder

– Shooting Guards: Gary Trent Jr, Gradey Dick

– Small Forwards: OG Anunoby, AJ Griffin

– Power Forwards: De’Andre Hunter, Chris Boucher

– Centers: Jakob Poeltl, Precious Achiuwa

De’Andre Hunter’s optimal position would be as a power forward due to his strong defensive skills, versatility, and efficient scoring inside the arc. He could contribute as a reliable scorer for Toronto. AJ Griffin would transition to a bench role, serving as a shooter for the second unit while progressively expanding his skill set.

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Scottie Barnes would remain the starting ball-handler, with Dennis Schroder taking on the Sixth Man role from the bench. Gradey Dick’s playing time would continue due to his potential and draft position, and the Boucher/Achiuwa duo would continue to contribute in the frontcourt.

Decisions regarding players like McDaniels and Koloko would depend on the team’s rotation strategy, potentially accommodating all the new additions from Atlanta if Coach Rajakovic expands the rotation to 11 players.

Indeed, if the Raptors execute this trade, they could create a deep rotation and replenish their draft assets with promising first-round picks. While parting ways with Siakam would be a tough moment for the franchise, there are strategies in place to make sure Toronto benefits from the assets they receive in return from Atlanta. This approach could position the Raptors well for the future.

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