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Reports : Mavericks Interested in Drafting Bronny James

The Dallas Mavericks are showing interest in drafting Bronny James, as reported by Marc Stein of SteinLine. However, they understand it’s unlikely he’ll still be available by the time they pick at 58th overall in the NBA Draft.

Stein writes, “The Mavericks would have interest in selecting Bronny James with the 58th overall pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, but the Mavericks also realize it’s extremely unlikely that James will still be available for selection. All current indications suggest that LeBron James’ 19-year-old son will be selected earlier in the second round before Dallas makes the last pick in the draft.”

Despite Bronny James’ modest stats from his year at USC, where he averaged fewer than five points per game and struggled with shooting percentages, there’s significant interest in his draft destination.

This interest stems from the possibility that his father, LeBron James, could follow wherever he goes. LeBron has previously expressed interest in playing alongside his son in the NBA, although recent reports suggest he may not leave the Lakers to do so.

Athletics’ Shams Charania recently reported, “LeBron has said that he will not leave the Lakers in order to play with Bronny.” However, speculation persists about which team might take the chance on drafting Bronny and potentially enticing LeBron to join them.

The Mavericks hold only the No. 58 pick currently, meaning they’d need to trade up before No. 55 to secure Bronny ahead of other teams, particularly those in Los Angeles.

Even if the Mavericks do draft Bronny, there’s no guarantee LeBron would join him in Dallas. Nonetheless, the possibility of forming a trio with LeBron, Kyrie Irving, and Luka Doncic is tantalizing for the Mavericks, who are currently trailing 3-1 against the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.

Game 5 is scheduled for Monday night, and the Mavericks will need a win to force Game 6 at home, with a potential Game 7 back in Boston.

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