Rockets’ Dillon Brooks Takes a Subtle Shot at Grizzlies Ahead of Wednesday: ‘They Have No Swagger.’

Dillon Villain Brooks, feeling satisfied in his new team, still grapples with the lingering memories of his past relationship with the Memphis Grizzlies, even though they have also moved on.

As the Rockets prepare to face them on Wednesday, Brooks subtly wonders if his absence is noticeable within his former team.

Taking on the role of a kind of Villain, Brooks subtly criticizes the Grizzlies before their upcoming match, comparing his relationship with them to a feeling of nostalgia:

“It’s like the girlfriend that you used to have,” Brooks told reporters “You don’t know how good she is until she’s gone”

Expanding on this, Brooks claims that the Grizzlies lack the same confidence since he left, confidently stating,

“You can see now they[Grizzlies] have no swagger,” “We[Rockets] have swagger. We have an identity we’re building. Each and every game, we show it more and more” 

Referring to his departure from the Grizzlies as being unfairly blamed as the “scapegoat” for their playoff loss to the Lakers last season, Brooks garnered attention by challenging LeBron James and then struggling in the series.

This move eventually led him to secure a significant four-year, $86 million contract with the Houston Rockets, a deal that faced criticism but received support from none other than LeBron James.

The Rockets eagerly look forward to their Wednesday clash against the Grizzlies at 7 p.m. at the Toyota Center, marking a return to home games after back-to-back road trips. In this matchup, they aim to continue their winning streak on home court against Brooks’ former team.

The Grizzlies, conversely, are looking forward to secure their third victory in five matches, having experienced both win and defeat twice in their recent four-game stretch.

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