Russia Coup Unraveled: Winners, Losers, and the Way Forward

The recent events surrounding the alleged coup attempt in Russia have left the world bewildered, as conflicting reports and developments unfolded in a whirlwind of uncertainty. With 24-hour live coverage on Twitter Spaces, we pieced together the timeline and analyzed the aftermath of the failed coup. We aim to provide a comprehensive account of what transpired, shed light on the winners and losers of the coup, and explore the potential path forward for Russia, Ukraine, and the international community.


As the dust settled after the chaos, certain key facts emerged. The incident resulted in the loss of at least 15 Russian soldiers, primarily due to helicopters being shot down by Wagner forces. These casualties underline the seriousness and violence of the events that unfolded. Furthermore, amidst the turmoil, all criminal charges against the Wagner chief, Prigozhin, were mysteriously dropped, leaving questions surrounding his involvement and the motives behind such a decision.

Negotiations and Deals:

One crucial development involved negotiations between President Lukashenko of Belarus, Prigozhin, and President Putin. Surprisingly, changes in the leadership of Russia’s Ministry of Defense were not discussed during these talks, raising speculation about potential power struggles and hidden agendas. As part of the deal, Wagner fighters will return to their bases and sign contracts with the Russian military, suggesting an attempt to consolidate control and maintain a semblance of order.

The Enigmatic Fate of Prigozhin:

The whereabouts of Prigozhin remain unknown, adding an air of mystery to the situation. Reports indicate that he will be “transferred” to Belarus, leaving many to wonder about the implications of this arrangement. Prigozhin’s life, once intertwined with Russian power dynamics, now faces heightened risks and uncertainties, as the shadows of the failed coup continue to loom.

Repercussions and Winners:

The fallout from these events has significant implications. Observers speculate that President Putin’s perceived vulnerability has been amplified, while Prigozhin’s fate hangs in the balance, with his life perpetually at risk. In this complex landscape, Ukraine and the West emerge as potential winners, as they navigate an opportunity for a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. The strained economic and military situation in Russia may push it towards seeking resolution and stability.

While the situation remains fluid, the possibility of a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine looms on the horizon. The strain on Russia’s resources and the escalating costs of continuing the war may compel both sides to seek a diplomatic solution. The year ahead could witness negotiations and dialogue aimed at ending the conflict and ushering in a new era of cooperation and stability.

The failed coup attempt in Russia has left an indelible mark on the country’s political landscape and raised numerous questions about the motives and actors involved. As the dust settles, the winners and losers become apparent, with Ukraine and the West seemingly poised to benefit from the turmoil. The fate of Prigozhin remains uncertain, while the international community watches closely for signs of a potential peace deal. As the days unfold, the world holds its breath, waiting to see if diplomacy can prevail and bring an end to the war between Russia and Ukraine.

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