Sanna Marin dance video hits social media.

Sanna Marin dance video

Finnish Prime Minister, Sanna Marin, has been busted in a viral video dancing wild in a night club.

The Sanna Marin dance video featured few of her friends. Multiple sources also indicated that some politicians, and top Finish musicians were present at the party.

The 36-year old mother of one has since been lambasted on social media, with many calling for her immediate resignation.

However, the politician, who has been Prime Minister since 2019, denied any wrongdoings. According to her, all that she was captured doing in the party, were legal.

Opposition politicians are also mounting pressure on the Prime Minster to be tested for possible drug use. According to them, the PM’s action could only be possible if she was on drugs.

For some, Sanna Marin dance video was released to just put the PM into a bad spotlight, probably for political gains

Below is the video

Source: NBA Republic

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