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Sixers Nic Batum Will Not Return Next Season

The 76ers prioritized re-signing Nicolas Batum this off-season along with teammates Kyle Lowry and Kelly Oubre.

However, Kelly Iko of The Athletic reports that Batum, despite being a key player acquired from the Clippers last season, won’t be returning to Philadelphia.

Batum, nearing 36 years old, has been contemplating retirement and hasn’t decided on his NBA future yet.

During his time with the Sixers, Batum averaged 5.5 points and 4.2 rebounds per game, but his impact went beyond stats. Known for his sharp three-point shooting and versatile defense, he was crucial to the team’s success.

One of his standout moments was his stellar performance in the Play-In Tournament, where he nearly led the team to victory over the Miami Heat.

The Sixers are now facing decisions on Lowry and Oubre while also possibly adding Paul George to their roster for the upcoming season.

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