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Slow Damian Lillard Trade Market Affects Raptors’ Pursuit of Tyler Herro

The Toronto Raptors are tangentially involved in the ongoing Damian Lillard trade situation. While it’s highly unlikely they’ll directly acquire the discontented star from the Portland Trail Blazers, they could potentially receive valuable assets as a third party in the trade.

The Raptors displayed some interest in pursuing a trade for Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat. While reports suggest that Portland wasn’t particularly impressed with a trade package centered around Herro from Miami, the Raptors are a team in dire need of a player possessing Herro’s skill set.

As Lillard exerts considerable effort to orchestrate a move to Miami and Portland resists by not fulfilling his request, trade negotiations have slowed down considerably. Recent rumors indicate that the likelihood of Lillard being traded in the near future has decreased even further.

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Brian Windhorst of the ESPN and the Hoop Collective podcast revealed that the market for Lillard’s trade has significantly slowed down due to Portland’s hesitance to trade him to Miami. The Raptors might also find themselves disappointed by this development, as it could hinder their opportunity to acquire Tyler Herro.

Although Gary Trent Jr. has proven himself as a strong starting shooting guard in the league, Herro presents a potentially enhanced version of his skill set. As a former Sixth Man of the Year, Herro has consistently averaged over 20 points per game for the last two seasons, exhibiting impressive performance beyond the average in 3-point shooting.

Despite Herro’s limitations as a defender and his substantial contract, the Raptors could be motivated to engage in a Lillard trade for the chance to secure Herro. This could become even more important given that both OG Anunoby and Pascal Siakam might become free agents in the near future.

The trade market, on the whole, appears to be experiencing a significant slowdown. Damian Lillard’s attempts to depart from Portland have encountered substantial obstacles, and discussions surrounding Pascal Siakam have diminished recently. Even James Harden went to the extent of accusing a top executive of lying, and his potential trade remains uncertain.

The Raptors must stay vigilant for any developments involving Tyler Herro, as he might become accessible if Portland eventually agrees to part with Lillard. However, it’s not necessary for Raptors fans to anticipate a major trade. The likelihood of beginning the season with their existing core seems more probable.

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