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Steph Curry Opens Up About the Prospect of Playing in His 40s

Steph Curry and teammates/@Warriors

At 35 years old, Steph Curry remains among the elite NBA players and is aging exceptionally well on the court. However, the question lingers: will he continue playing beyond his 40s?

The Golden State Warriors are making the most of Curry’s impressive performance while ensuring they capitalize on his prime years.

The Warriors have temporarily set aside their long-term plans by securing contract extensions and signings for four experienced players: Curry, Draymond Green, Chris Paul, and probably Klay Thompson next year.

Steph Curry playing in his 40s
Steph Curry and teammates/@warriors

In a recent conversation on Gil’s Arena, Curry recognized that his future playing beyond his current contract is uncertain, but he emphasized that he doesn’t intend to retire in the near future.

“I never envisioned myself as the guy in his 40s desperately hanging on,” Curry remarked. “However, it’s uncertain how my body will be at that stage. With three years remaining on my contract, counting this year, I’ll take it step by step from there.”

“I’m not really fixated on a timeline beyond my current contract,” Curry noted. “Reaching 38 and completing 17 NBA seasons would be quite an achievement. I’m not rushing off to play golf just yet.”

The exceptional three-point shooter will turn 36 in March and has three years left on his substantial $167.2 million max extension.

With Green’s extended contract keeping him in the Bay until 2026-27, there’s a strong chance Curry might also consider an extension to continue playing alongside his friend Draymond.

The future will reveal whether the Warriors’ greatest player will continue playing into his 40s. If fans had their way, he’d likely be on the court well into his 80s without a doubt.

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