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The NBA Issues Update Regarding Ja Morant’s Suspension

Back in June, when Ja Morant received a 25-game suspension, the NBA outlined precise terms for his possible return.

The latest update, as reported by Sam Amick and Joe Vardon of The Athletic, reveals that Morant’s suspension will remain fixed at 25 games, with no indication of an extension or being shortened.

As a result, the Memphis Grizzlies, under the guidance of Taylor Jenkins, will have to navigate the 2023-24 NBA season without their star player.

This scenario creates an opportunity for players like Marcus Smart to seize the limelight and perhaps chase an All-Star selection, while others can showcase their abilities as reliable rotational contributors, positioning themselves to earn valuable playing time in the playoffs.

All of these developments align perfectly with the holiday season, presenting a timely and valuable Christmas gift to their dedicated fan base.

“Memphis Grizzlies star Ja Morant’s suspension will not be shortened at any point, NBA officials said, but his mandated absence is not expected to be any longer than 25 games — which means he will likely return to the court on Dec. 19 at New Orleans,” The Athletic report stated.

This implies that the Grizzlies will have both Marcus Smart and Ja Morant available for play by December 19.

Morant’s return, in particular, sets the stage for a marquee matchup as he faces off against the New Orleans Pelicans led by Zion Williamson.

Notably, both of these basketball stars were the first and second picks in the 2019 NBA Draft.

An eager Morant, determined to prove his superiority over the player chosen before him, is poised to deliver an exceptional performance.

When asked about whether Morant’s return-to-play protocol had been further elucidated and what the 24-year-old was undertaking to meet the league’s stipulations, Joe Dumars, the NBA’s executive vice president of basketball operations, chose not to divulge specific details but did suggest that the process was proceeding positively and according to plan.

“The league and the Players Association and Ja and his people are in constant communication with this, and are all working together on this,” Dumars said. “From a league office standpoint, with the Players Association, with Ja and his people, everybody is collaborating together on this to make sure that this kid makes a smooth transition back to the league — whenever that is. This is not the type of stuff you can (discuss) publicly and start talking about what’s happening behind the scenes, but it is happening.”

Ja Morant’s suspension stemmed from a controversial livestream incident. The Grizzlies’ star was seen posing with a gun, a move perceived as inappropriate by the league and its fans, especially given his public figure status.

Hopefully, he will align with the NBA’s standards to ensure his return, allowing Taylor Jenkins to regain his star player in time for a postseason playoff push. 

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