Top Five Basketball Movies Every NBA Fan Should Watch

Hey there, are you sure you are an ardent basketball fan? Then lets see if you can recognize any of these movies that is inspired by one of the greatest sports in the world. Basketball has been featured in so many TV series including movies with some of these movies grossing over $90 million. With movies full of drama and amazing thrills, here are our top 5 basketball movies of all time and if you have not seen at least three of them then you need to rethink your decision of being a true basketball fan or perhaps movies are not your thing.


Above the rim

This basketball movie became very popular in the United states and the rest of the world because it featured one of the iconic rap stars back then, Tupac Shakur. Tupac, posing as a drug dealer, got into some gritty drama in this movie as he tries to escape his past and make it big on the court. With entertaining basketball scenes and drama, this movie deserves to be on your watch-list.



This classic 80’s basketball movie and dubbed the best sports movie of all time, tells the story of a high school basketball team in a small town that beat the odds to becoming national champions. This movie is a motivation for underdog basketball teams all over the world and also serves as motivation for basketball rookies out there.


Space Jam

This movie is considered the highest grossing basketball movie of all time by virtue of  its family-friendly relation and the characters starred in the movie. It featured the likes of Michael Jordan and Looney tunes as the movie blends animation with real time live action in an entertaining way. The remake featured another basketball legend, Lebron James, and was released in 2021.


Love and Basketball

if you are looking forward to netflix and chill with your significant other who is also into basketball, then this is the right movie to watch. This is a romantic basketball movie which saw two childhood friends falling in love as the make it big in their basketball careers as well.



White Men Cant Jump

This is a comedy basketball movie which features the likes of Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. The movie tells a story about two street ball hustlers of different complexion who team up to take on the competition with the aim of winning it. Trust me, this movie is full of fun and a remake of it was released on the 19thof May 2023.  The remake starred the likes of Jack Harlow and Sinqua Halls.


if you have seen at least three of these movies, then thumbs up, you are a true legend. if otherwise too, then make sure you watch these amazing pieces.


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