UGSRC and Kellogg’s Collaborate to Bring Free Corn Flakes to Students

Breakfast is typically regarded as the most important meal of the day, and what better way to begin your day than with a bowl of delectable Corn Flakes? The UGSRC has partnered with the renowned American food manufacturing company, Kellogg’s, to deliver the joy of free Corn Flakes to students. This three-day event, part of the UGSRC’s 65th anniversary celebration, promises to give a gratifying crunch to students’ mornings.

Day 1: A Vibrant Beginning at Limann and Kwapong Hall

On the 26th of May, the UGSRC and Kellogg’s will kick off the event at Limann and Kwapong Hall. Students at these halls can rejoice as they become the starting point of this delectable journey. The aroma of freshly poured milk over a bowl of Corn Flakes will fill the air, creating a cheerful and invigorating atmosphere.

Day 2: Elizabeth Sey and Nelson Hall Join the Feast

Continuing the festivities on the 27th of May, the celebration moves to Elizabeth Sey and Nelson Hall. These halls will experience the delightful crunch of Corn Flakes as students gather to claim their free boxes. The event promises not only a tasty treat but also an opportunity for students to come together and share the excitement.

Final Day: A Grand Finale at the Volta Car Park

On the final day of the event, thus 28th May , the Volta Car Park will be the center of attention. Traditional hall students, known for their spirited camaraderie, will converge here to pick up their share of the free Corn Flakes. However, the celebration extends beyond the traditional halls. Students from private hostels, including Pent, Evandy, Bani, and TF, will also have the opportunity to partake in this crunchy delight by joining their counterparts at the Volta Car Park.

To ensure a smooth distribution process, students are requested to fill out a form provided by the UGSRC. This form can be accessed at . By filling out the form, students can register their interest and guarantee their box of free Corn Flakes. It’s a simple step towards a satisfying breakfast experience!

UGSRC and Kellogg's Collaborate


The partnership between the UGSRC and Kellogg’s emphasizes the importance of teamwork in generating memorable experiences for students. They joined together to bring a well-known multinational brand to the doorsteps of University of Ghana students. This effort not only provides a tasty breakfast choice, but it also serves as a reminder of the power of collaboration in improving student life and cultivating a feeling of community.

Finally, as the aroma of Corn Flakes wafts through the halls of the University of Ghana, students can anticipate three days of breakfast bliss. Thanks to the collaboration between the UGSRC and Kellogg’s, the campus will come alive with the sound of satisfied crunches and cheerful conversations. This event not only fills the stomachs of students but also nourishes the spirit of camaraderie and celebration. So, mark your calendars, fill out the form, and get ready to savor the taste of free Corn Flakes—because breakfast has never been so delightful!

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