UGSRC Elections Wrap Up with Newly Elected Executives for the 2023/24 Academic Year – Unveiling the Incoming SRC Team and Complete Election Analysis

The impending arrival of a new academic year announces the introduction of a new administrative team to guide the student body at the University of Ghana. Following extensive campaign efforts and nights of tireless dedication to ensure their images were visible throughout the campus as candidates, the highly anticipated UGSRC elections have concluded.

This culminates in the establishment of a new administrative cohort headed by the victors of the current UGSRC elections, Tsikata and Zanyo, along with Martha and Suleman, who are poised to assume leadership from the outgoing Boakye and Lincoln-led administration as the 66th SRC executives.

Speculations and Surprises in the UGSRC elections 

As with past instances, virtually every UGSRC election arrives with its distinct regulations and possible conjectures. This year’s scenario followed the same pattern. The speculations ranged from students withdrawing due to partisan differences, some being deemed ineligible due to GPA concerns, and even a few stepping down from the race due to personal reasons – perhaps because they believed the best outcome had already been achieved.

There were rumors that the students who exited the race due to political differences attempted to contest the issue in a court of law for the possibility of rejoining the electoral proceedings; however, these efforts proved unsuccessful. Also, it is alleged that one of the candidates, Aboagye, stepped down from the race due to an ailment he suffered amid the campaign. Speedy recovery and we wish you the best in your next elections Mr.

An Unexpected Contender 

Certainly, as the elections approached, a number of influential students’ names gained attention, and the campaigns were characterized by their sheer magnitude. However, amidst these notable figures, there was one name that captured the imagination of the students – Tsikata Frank.

A student of the UGBS, Frank is widely acknowledged for his exceptional assistance to fellow students and his activism on campus. Interestingly, he entered the race at the eleventh hour, but his influence proved to be sufficient to secure him the ultimate victory.

Presidential Triumph

In the context of the presidential race, despite his last-minute entry, Frank Tsikata managed to rally significant backing and secure a substantial number of votes in the election. His collaboration with a partner from the Pharmacy department proved instrumental in gaining substantial support from both colleges, leading to an undisputed victory.

UGSRC elections
Ugsrc election results

Alongside his running mate, Zanyo Edward, they achieved an impressive feat by garnering over 62% of the total votes, thereby avoiding the need for rounding off. This achievement made history in UGSRC elections, as they amassed more than 10,000 votes as a paired candidate, a milestone never before reached.

Runners-Up and Unforgettable Moments

Securing the second position were Samuel Odartey Lamptey and Justice Alor, with a collective accumulation of 20% of the votes. The third and fourth positions in the presidential race were shared by Osei Kofi Kingsley and Sarah Sam Ankrah & Hamza Kwame Sahadu, and Manasius Ayimbota Akakuko, in that respective order.

Shifting our focus to the Secretarial position within the UGSRC elections, Martha Bruwaa Asiamah, who is also under the College of Humanities and an affiliate of the UGBS, secured triumphs both in the regular voting and the subsequent run-off. In the initial round of elections, she garnered 45% of the votes.

Ugsrc elections
Run off results

However, due to the UGSRC elections adopting a similar approach to the national elections in determining winners, a run-off was necessitated for the secretarial role. Once again, Martha emerged victorious with a commanding lead, securing over 70% of the total votes. As the declared winner, Martha is poised to succeed Ella Boakye Yiadom and undertake the role of the secretary of the student’s representative council for the 2023/24 academic year.

Treasuring Victory

Shifting our attention from the secretarial role, we now venture into the realm of financial management. The question arises: who emerged victorious in the UGSRC Treasurer elections? Once again, a student hailing from the business school claimed the victory.

Suleman Awudu’s name took the spotlight as he secured a win with a substantial margin, garnering over 56% of the total valid votes, surpassing his competitor Lawrence Ofosu. Suleman Awudu steps into the role that was previously held by Michael Kuti, now assuming the position of the upcoming UGSRC Treasurer. Congratulations to Suleman, also known as The Suleman.

These individuals are now set to assume their roles as your UGSRC leaders for the upcoming academic year. Their transition will soon mark the end of the Boakye Lincoln-led administration.

Congratulations once more to the newly elected president and vice-president, Tsikata Frank and Zanyo Edward, as well as the secretary-elect, Martha Bruwaa Asiamah, and the UGSRC Treasurer-elect, Suleman Awudu. Nbarepublic extends its best wishes to you.

UGsrc elections
The strong 4, left to right. President, Vice, Secretary and Treasurer

The UGSRC elections at the University of Ghana have once again showcased the potency of student engagement and the potential for unexpected results. As the freshly elected leaders prepare to take charge from their predecessors, the campus buzzes with excitement for the forthcoming academic year.

To Tsikata Frank, Zanyo Edward, Martha Bruwaa Asiamah, and Suleman Awudu, congratulations once more – your journey has just commenced, and the entire student community eagerly anticipates the influence you’ll bring through your leadership.

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