WATCH : Dillon Brooks Ejected Minutes into his Debut for Houston Rockets

Dillon Brooks found himself ejected in his debut for the Houston Rockets. Less than five minutes into the game, Brooks was tossed out for a shot at Daniel Theis that the officials deemed reckless, with only 4 minutes and 33 seconds of playing time.

Brooks had a history of ejections and flagrant fouls during his tenure with the Grizzlies, earning a reputation as an enforcer.

While his aggressive style could be an asset, it also had the potential to harm both his team and opponents.

At times, he crossed the line between playing hard and playing recklessly, even causing injuries to opponents.

The particular play in question could be interpreted differently; Brooks was navigating around a screen but made contact with Theis in a sensitive area.

Given his reputation, Brooks wasn’t given the benefit of the doubt and was promptly ejected in his Rockets debut, which was under five minutes.

Although it was a preseason game, it was disappointing for Rockets fans not to witness one of their significant offseason acquisitions in action.

Assuming Brooks doesn’t face further consequences for this incident, he should be back on the court for Houston’s upcoming game.

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