What is Langya Virus, the new virus discovered in China

what is langya virus, symptoms of langya virus

Langya virus is a new virus that has been discovered in China. The discovery was made by the Taiwanese Center for Disease Control recently. It has also been reported that so far, 35 people have attracted the virus in China.

Since the name of the virus is new to many; what is Langya Virus has been the question being asked about this new virus. People are also searching to know the symptoms of Langya Virus. All these craze for information about the virus is justified. This is because, knowing about the virus will help one to be cautious.

However, in this article, NBA Republic will tell you more about the virus. Also, symptoms of Langya Virus will also be talked about.

What is Langya Virus

Langya virus is a zoonotic disease that has been found in China with 35 human infections. The virus virus is detected in two provinces of the country; Shandong and Henan provinces. The virus, who scientific name is Langya henipavirus (LayV), is a species of henipavirus.

The zoonotic nature of the virus makes it transmittable from animals to humans, and also from humans to animals.

The virus are naturally harbored by pteropid fruit bats and microbats of several species. This means, the virus can be contracted by coming into contact with pteropid or microbats.

Symptoms of Langya Virus

Symptoms of Langya Virus are something that everyone who cares about him or herself needs to know. This is because, knowing the symptoms will enable one to easily know if he or she has contracted the virus or not.

Out of the 35 people who contracted the virus; 26 developed the following symptoms;

  • fever
  • fatigue
  • persistent cough
  • loss of appetite for food
  • pain in the muscle
  • nausea
  • headache
  • vomiting
  • kidney failure
  • liver failure

The 26 people also see a significant decrease in their white blood cells as well as their platelet counts.

Source: NBA Republic

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