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Where Are They Now? A Look Back at the top 10 NBA Draft Class of 2003. 

Dywane in heats jersey

The 2003 NBA drafting class is widely regarded as one of the best in history, with numerous future All-Stars and Hall of Famers among the players it selected.  So, where are they at the moment?

LeBron James

LeBron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ first-round choice, is widely regarded as one of the best basketball players of all time. In addition, he has four NBA titles, four MVP honours, and is currently a member of the Los Angeles Lakers.


Darko Milicic

Darko Milicic, the Detroit Pistons’ second-round choice, had a considerably less successful career. He switched teams before quitting in 2012 to pursue a career in kickboxing.


Carmelo Anthony

The Denver Nuggets selected Carmelo Anthony third overall, and he has since enjoyed a fruitful career that includes an NBA scoring championship and an Olympic gold with Team USA. He is a member of the Los Angeles Lakers right now.


Chris Bosh

Blood clots led Toronto Raptors’ fourth-round draught choice Chris Bosh to retire early. With the Miami Heat, he won two NBA titles. He is currently a well-known analyst and pundit.


Dwyane Wade

The Miami Heat selected Dwyane Wade with the fifth overall choice; Wade went on to win three NBA titles and is recognised as one of the all-time great shooting guards. He retired in 2019 and is now an entrepreneur and commentator.


Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman, the Los Angeles Clippers’ sixth overall pick, played for numerous teams before retiring in 2016. He is now a successful hunter and outdoorsman.


Kirk Hinrich

Kirk Hinrich, the Chicago Bulls’ seventh overall pick, played for multiple teams before retiring in 2016. He is now an Atlanta Hawks scout.


T.J. Ford

T.J. Ford, the Milwaukee Bucks’ eighth overall pick, played for multiple teams until retiring in 2012. He is now a community activist and motivational speaker.


Michael Sweetney

Michael Sweetney, the New York Knicks’ ninth overall choice, had a brief and dismal career before retiring in 2007. He’s currently a motivational speaker and author.


Jarvis Hayes

The Washington Wizards’ tenth-round pick, Jarvis Hayes, played for multiple clubs before retiring in 2012. He has since become an extremely successful businessman and investor.

Overall, the 2003 NBA draught class produced a number of superstars and prosperous players in addition to some disappointments. Many basketball players have found success and fulfilment in their post-basketball careers off the court.



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