Who is GG Jackson, the new NBA sensation from South Carolina

Who is GG Jackson

GG Jackson is a 6-8, 210-pound power forward from Columbia, South Carolina. The basketball player is currently ranked the No.1 player in the class of 2023.

The new NBA sensation is currently in the news for all the good reasons. Few minutes after 4pm on July 23, 2022, GG Jackson announced that he will come back to South Carolina. This, he will do by reclassifying to 2022 in South Carolina.

As the star trends, many are querying search engines to know much about his personality, and what he stands for.

Who is GG Jackson

Much information about Jackson is not currently available online. Of late, the youngster was not that popular for people to seek to profile him. His twitter handle was having less than 4000 followers, but after his announcement, his twitter followers increase.

However, some NBA-focused blogs have very little information about the young champ who is also called Gregory.

According to, Jackson is a native of Columbia in South Carolina. He attended High School at Ridge View in SC.

Jackson played College Basketball in five colleges in North and South Carolina. The colleges include; Clemson University in South Carolina and the Duke University in North Carolina. He also played for Auburn College basketball team.

He is trained by South Carolina Gamecocks head coach, Lamont Paris, and his coaching staff.

Meanwhile, GG is still a teenager. His exact age is however not yet known, at least, as at the time of writing this article.

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