Here’s why Batgirl will not be released again

why batgirl will not be released

It’s no good news for movie lovers who are anticipating for the release of Batgirl in cinemas. The movie which is due to be released, is shelved by its producer and owner, Warner Bros.

Batgirl, a DC Comics film whose production costs between $70-$80 million, will no longer be released for people to stream.

The film is produced by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah. It also features top-notch stars such as Leslie Grace who played Batgirl, and J.K. Simmons who played the role of Commissioner Jim Gordon, Batgirl’s father.

Also, Michael Keaton played the role of Batman whiles Brendan Fraser starred as a villain firefly in the now-shelved film.

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Despite the fact that the film will no longer be released, many movie lovers are of the hope that Warner Bros will reconsider its decisions with regards to the release of the film.

However, there would be critical questions such as why Batgirl will no longer be released in the minds of people.

In this article, we’ll tell you what information we’ve got concerning the reasons for the unexpected shelving of the film.

Why Batgirl will no longer be released

According to multiple credible sources; Batgirl will no longer be released because of the negative reviews it garnered. It is reported that during recent test screening, the film received numerous negative reviews. This, however, was a disappointment to Warner Bros as the studio always want their films to be of a blockbuster status.

During a Comic-Con panel discussion in San Diego, California, last month; none of the panelists make mention of the movie. Other movies however, received mentions. This event, many believe, could also be a part of the reasons Warner Bros decided to shelve the Batgirl.

Meanwhile, there are people saying that Warner Bros made the decision because of low quality of the film. This claim, however, was dispelled by an insider with the studio when contacted by Variety.

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