Why is Queen Elizabeth still the queen of United Kingdom?

Why is Queen Elizabeth still the queen

Queen Elizabeth died at the age of 96, bringing her 70-year reign on the British throne to an end. She died on Thursday, September 8, 2022.

Upon her death, his eldest son, Prince Charles, automatically becomes the King. However, he’s pending official coronation.

Since the queen died and was buried last week Monday, many people are of the view that she’s still the Queen, and they ask; why is Queen Elizabeth still the Queen?

“Presuming that you are referring to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of the UK, then the answer is, to be blunt, because she is not dead yet. For which God be thanked.

Monarchs of the UK do not serve fixed terms like elected politicians,” Chris Hawkes, an English teacher, wrote on Quora.

In this article, however, we will provide an answer to those that keep asking the question.

So, why is Queen Elizabeth still the Queen

There could a few reasons why people claim that Queen Elizabeth is still the ruler of Britain.

These reasons include;

  • Money: The pound sterling continues to feature the queen’s portrait even though she is not alive. The portrait will eventually be replaced with King Charles III’s portrait. But changing that will take at least some two years as there are billions of the currency in circulation.
  • Flags: Flags across the country at police stations, government building and other locations have the queen’s cypher. That needs to be changed. Meanwhile, a new logo, along with the colors, are yet to be announced.
  • Postal stamps: There are still millions of postal stamps in the UK that have the late Queen’s image on them. They are however, being phased out of the system, and that will take several months.

All the above can be classified as national symbols, and if they still bear the Queen’s portraits and colors, it will be justified for one to claim the Queen is still the ruler of the UK.

Because people seeing these symbols everyday, they can genuinely say the Queen is still in charge.

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