Yvonne Nelson is For the Streets – Sarkodie’s Response to Yvonne’s Memoir.

Last week, popular actress Yvonne Nelson released a memoir that delved into her personal life and experiences. Among the various stories shared, one particular part gained significant attention from the public. It involved rapper Sarkodie, who was mentioned in relation to an abortion Yvonne underwent while under his influence.

Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson pictured together

According to Yvonne, Sarkodie seemed indifferent and ignored her throughout the pregnancy. She was a university student at the time, focused on her studies, and agreed to the abortion when Sarkodie suggested it. However, she felt neglected by the rapper during the emotionally challenging process.

Within just a couple of weeks of the book’s release, Sarkodie countered Yvonne’s claims with a newly released song called “Try Me,” which quickly gained traction on various platforms. In his song, Sarkodie addresses the allegations made in Yvonne’s memoir, denying that he encouraged her promiscuity or controlled her actions. He acknowledges their past involvement but claims he was unaware of Yvonne’s multiple relationships, implying that she was involved with others.

Unveiling Yvonne Nelson’s Persona:

Sarkodie’s song takes a surprising turn as he suggests that Yvonne Nelson is “for the streets,” implying that she has been involved in multiple relationships. Also, Sarkodie admitted to his youthful naivety and expressed that he wanted Yvonne to keep the child. However, Yvonne insisted on prioritizing her education and disclosed that she was not ready for motherhood, leading to the decision to terminate the pregnancy. Sarkodie further reveals that Yvonne attempted to trap him again, despite his willingness to take full responsibility, knowing she had multiple partners.


The rapper also highlights the need for distance between himself and Yvonne due to their complicated history. He questions whether Yvonne is content with her memoir’s portrayal of the abortion and selling negative assumptions to fans. Sarkodie concludes that Yvonne’s choices and actions indicate a particular lifestyle, suggesting that she bears responsibility for her decisions instead of blaming others.

In a final twist, Sarkodie acknowledges the negative impact Yvonne’s allegations have had on him but admits to obtaining a copy of her book and reading it. He acknowledges the book’s sales and hints that the controversy surrounding it contributes to its success, however, she is for the streets.

This ongoing exchange between Sarkodie and Yvonne Nelson reveals contrasting perspectives on their shared past. It serves as a reminder that personal choices and the complexities of relationships can lead to unforeseen consequences, captivating the public’s attention. As the story continues to unfold, it emphasizes the unpredictable nature of fame and the power of personal narratives.

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